Why triple glazing ?

Windows are an essential part of every home, opening interiors to beautiful surroundings and hues of the nature. Unfortunately, at the same time they account for about 35-40% of the heat loss. With energy prices rising at an incredible rate and average temperature in winter falling noticeably over the years, it is the best time to replace your old single or double glazed windows with high performance triple glazed windows.

Under 1%(!) of properties in UK have triple glazed windows installed compared to nearly 40% in Germany. Millions of pounds in UK are spent on advertising which aims to convince the general public that there is no real difference in performance between double and triple glazed units.

This is simply FALSE.

Countless studies confirm that triple glazing units will always outperform his “older brother” in both heat loss and sound insulation specification.

From 2004 Building Standards in UK require use of windows of the maximum U-value (heat-transmittance value) of 1.8 W/(m2K). Double glazed units will meet these standards with around 1.5 W/(m2K).

ALL our triple glazed windows, both Upvc and timber have a U-value of below 1.0 W/(m2K) (for the whole window, not just glass panel).

Triple glazed windows are not only energy efficient and will help you save money on energy bills, but also provide great sound insulation.

Installing these units into properties near busy roads will increase the value of your home and will provide a far more pleasant and tranquil environment for residents to live in.

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