Five chamber profile with an external sealing guarantees, an optimal thermo - and acoustic protection as well as perfect stability. Depth of 70 mm for best thermal and sound performance. Our standard frame width is 66mm with possibility of extending to 75mm for even better performance.

Thanks to the application of the unique profile chamber system, seals and thermo-insulation window panels, considerable reduction of heat loss has been achieved.

Steel reinforcement in the frame and wing improves rigidity and security of our windows.

Available in over 20 colours! Keep in mind that for some colour windows delivery time is slightly longer than for white windows. Please contact us for details.

1. Five chamber profile, depth of 70mm for optimal thermo and acoustic performance;

2. Unique shape and fitting of EFDM seal for optimal insu lation abilities and long-lasting;

3. 13 mm distance to the axis of the fitting notch designed for optimal anti-burglar protection;

4. Modern design, aye catching appearance with variety of colours available;

5. Triple or double glazing available;

6. Concealed seals for more visually pleasing appear ance;

7. Large chamber designed to provide additional natural insulation;

8. Flat inner surface of the window frame used to simplify installation;

Colours availaible

Creme Grey Briliant blue Anthracite Steel blue Fair green
Dark green Palisander Dark red Middle brown Chocolate brown Moss green
Natural oak Special oak Oregon Daglezja Golden oak Mahogany
Nut Dark oak Macore Nevada Quarz grey Basalt grey

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